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Teen POV Ballbusting Breakup with Tess Morgan!

Tess Morgan breaks up with her boyfriend by calling him over and admitting to him that she was cheating on him by fucking all of his friends who have bigger dicks!  Tess begins humiliating him by making fun of his small cock, and she kicks him in the balls with her bare feet while holding […]

Alexis Grace: Long-Legged Teen Ballbusting and Facesitting

Alexis grace wakes up and begins dominating her foot-fucking neighbor whom she caught fucking her feet while she was asleep!  She unleashes a flurry of kicks and knees to his balls until he is completely under her control, and he has no choice but to lick her feet and get smothered by her ass and […]

Annie Cruz and Kyanna Lee Are Femdom Assassins who Put Jason Katana Through Some Brutal Ballbusting

These sexy Asian assassins pose as slutty hookers who lead their prey into a deadly ballbusting trap!  Jason Katana walks into a hotel room with a Annie Cruz and Kyanna Lee, expecting to get his dick sucked.  However, he was lured into a seriously foul penis-biting torture session! First, Kyanna and Annie feign attraction and […]

Amber Rayne’s Femdom Sunbathing Bikini Rape Self Defense Ballbusting Castration

Amber Rayne, the sexy young brunette, was sunbathing in a yellow bikini when a horny rapist suddenly tried to jump on top of her and pork her in the park!  She quickly defended herself and prevented any type of vaginal penetration by kicking him in the balls and abusing his testicles!  She grabbed his nuts […]

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