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Tina Tink Ball Busting and Penis Biting in Pigtails and Stockings

One night at the local pub, Tina Tink was a little too drunk to drive, and the bartender kept passing her drinks so that he could get her drunk enough to take advantage of her.  He thought that she was drunk enough to suck his cock, and when he stuck it in her mouth, she […]

Hayden Night’s Cockbiting and Ballbiting Femdom Castration Fantasy

Hayden Night is a sexy blonde ballbuster who has built up a lot of frustration with men, and she has always wanted to feel the immense power of removing a man’s genitals.  Fortunately, she gets the opportunity to perform a castration here on BallbustingPornstars.com! She briefly discusses her strange, insatiable curiosity about castrations and ballbusting, […]

Chayse Evans Puts Her SlaveBitch Through Some Femdom Ballbusting, Cockbiting and an Insane Penectomy

Chayse Evans puts on a mini skirt and some pigtails when she goes to town on her slave-bitch’s balls!  She beats him down and squashes him like a bug with her sexy white 6 inch high heel shoes!  This ballbusting femdom roller coaster ride gets very brutal very fast!  She beats him with a belt […]

The Ballbusting Queen of 2008: Jessica Valentino

Jessica Valentino teaches a “Self-Defense Class for Girls” to prevent attackers, rapists, molesters, and perverts from touching girls!  This latest video is our most amazing masterpiece of pain and pleasure.  Jessica was voted as the Ballbusting Queen of 2008, and our members cheered as this young 18-year-old ballbuster took the throne! Her “Self Defense For […]

Jules Sterling Lures her Cheating Boyfriend into a Cockbiting Blowjob!

The poor bastard didn’t see it coming!  Jules invited him over after she discovered that he was fucking his secretary!  Once his pants dropped, and she puth his cock in her mouth… he lost all control of his own genitals!     His situation became very serious when this sexy young blonde ballbuster threatened to […]

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