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POV Bikini Ballbusting with the Naked Burglar and Roxy Wilde

The sleeping bikini model was stalked by a horny, naked, masked burglar!  He began fucking her sexy feet and sticking his dirty, hard cock in her mouth.  She suddenly woke up and began kicking and kneeing his naked balls with extreme force until he fell down and became totally dominated by her slender, sexy body! […]

Nicki Hunter’s Extreme Femdom Foot Domination (Also on DVD)

Nicki Hunter invited a massage therapist to her home, and he started working on her stressed back and shoulders.  Slowly, he moved his hands down to her ass, and she immediately scolded him for trying to molest her.  Then, he hovered down to her feet, where he quietly began masturbating while using his penis to […]

Nina Stevens Ballbiting and Castration with a Pair of Scissors!

Nina Stevens gets hit hard by the effects of the slowing economy, and she decides to earn extra money by becoming a stripper.  When she meets up with the owner of the strip club, he begins molesting her with his pants off! Immediately, this stripper interview turns into an all-out ballbusting assault! Before she turns […]

Thong Bikini Ballbusting and Sleeping Foot Fetish Perving with Anya Wood

A naked man enters Anya’s living room and begins perving by jacking off on her feet and licking her pussy!   She awakens and begins unleashing the fury of a thousand fiery goddesses on his vulnerable balls! She shows no mercy on the foot sniffing pervert by stomping and squashing his balls, and she teaches him […]

Japanese Ballbusting in Boots and Asian Foot Smothering CBT with Daisy Tanks

Daisy Tanks, the  Japanese ballbuster,  returns to slice off another pair of cock and balls!  She finds the man who hit her brand new car, and she ties him up to a chair where he gets flogged, and tortured!  Daisy enjoys spitting and humiliating her victim while he sits helpless and broken! View the rest […]

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