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Friends and Fellow Masochists,

Every week, I create extreme fetish ballbusting content with beautiful porn stars who love dominating, humiliating, and abusing men’s balls!   My website,  ballbustingpornstars.com, was made for people like me, who simply love it when beautiful babes humiliate, beat up, and dominate men!

All my videos contain messy femdom cumshots that involve ballbusting handjobs and cockbiting blowjobs where men get to ejaculate on women’s feet, thighs, hands, faces, or breasts after getting their balls punched, kicked and stomped!

I get lots of feedback via email and over the phone from fellow ballbusting and femdom fans who always give me suggestions and ideas about what they want to see in my videos.   I try to accomodate everyone’s requests, and I always love hearing from folks around the world!   Call me anytime, even if I am asleep!  Or, email me if you prefer, and I will gladly discuss any type of fantasy, scene, or scenario that you would like to create.

At your service,

Eric Jover


Phone: (213) 458-2269

Fax: (888) 713-0106

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