Alexis Grace: Long-Legged Teen Ballbusting and Facesitting

Alexis grace wakes up and begins dominating her foot-fucking neighbor whom she caught fucking her feet while she was asleep!  She unleashes a flurry of kicks and knees to his balls until he is completely under her control, and he has no choice but to lick her feet and get smothered by her ass and pussy while he gets verbally humiliated as well!

She is asleep while he fucks her feet!

Alexis Grace is sleeping while the Foot Fucker humps her toes!

Alexis Grace takes no prisoners when she wakes up and starts kneeing and kicking his bare balls!  This sexy teenage ballbuster is determined to destroy the loser’s testicles!

Alexis Grace Cockbiting and Ballbiting

Painful cockbiting teen blowjob

Teen Ballbuster Alexis Grace

Sexy Supermodel Teen Ballbusting by Alexis Grace!

This brutal femdom adventure contains plenty of male humiliation, cockbiting and ballbiting, and a cruel femdom handjob where Alexis gives him no choice but  to cum or else she will bite  off his balls!

Humiliating Femdom Handjob and Cumshot

Humiliating Femdom Handjob and Cumshot

Watch the preview video for this ballbusting video here:

Alexis Grace Femdom Ballbusting Video Sample

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